Thursday, March 13, 2008


Regina was an active, caring person, who lived life to the fullest, involved in everything you can possibly imagine, always helping everyone and anyone, kind, compassionate.

Until that day back in 09/05 Regina fell to the ground, next morning woke up could not speak, thought she was playing, went to doctors after ruling out stroke, lime disease, and others, she was diagnosed in 06/06 with ALS aka LOU GEHRIGS DISEASE.

Regina went from 138lbs to 95lbs instantly, currently on a feeding tube, suction machine, and utilizes a wheelchair. Reginas ability to help herself are now non existent. 24hr care is necessary.

The only outcome for this MONSTER disease ALS, is going to be with the LORD> there is is no cure, not enough people know about this illness, even medical personell are in the dark about it.

I am REGINAS caretaker, her significant other, I will do whatever I have to do, to make her as comfortable as I can. We are fortunate to have a compassionate caring nurse AMBER, who has become part of our family.

We ask that anyone that reads this and the blog, to PLEASE advance the information to others, that maybe the politicians of this great country might look into this illness and do something about it. I ask that in your prayers that you pray that MY BELOVED REGINA is comfortable and free of pain......and that all the people living with ALS have the protective and healing hands of the LORD around them..........God Bless

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RCB said...

You are such a frequent poster, I knew you would write a touching letter. Stay strong for Regina.