Friday, March 21, 2008



BANDING TOGETHER FOR ALS 2008 [Photo]As I read the posts sent to BANDING TOGETHER FOR ALS, I realize how many people be it PALS or CALS that do actually BAND TOGETHER, for one common goal. To get the public awareness of this MONSTER (als).We are all in this together, we support each other the best we can, by helping each other out through every painstaking step, venting, crying, asking, giving solutions, and most of all SUPPORT>Until you experience this MONSTER, you couldnt even imagine the life changes all must take, to make that PALS comfortable, to live a life full of LOVE, meaning, and compassion. Since I have been on the LIVING WITH ALS>YAHOO GROUP, I have experienced a FAMILY of friends that is by far the proudest bunch of PEOPLE, strongest, most sincere that one could ever meet and or associate with. Through this struggle everyday of watching MY BELOVED REGINA, deal with just surving and yet still as most who are dealing with this MONSTER, they show a certain type of courage when one of us CALS, seem it to be too hard to deal with, she just gives me that unbelieveable infectious smile, to somewhat tell me hey hon its ok, REGINAS ability to talk and or communicate is gone, but she somehow someway seems to generate LOVE, and as we all know LOVE is a universal message that needs no signs, just that look from ones eyes can feel the emotion of LOVE<>So I am asking all who experience that emotion from your PALS, to join in get this message heard, let the politicians, the everyday person that takes life for granted, that we as a community of LOVE and despair need to BE HEARD.............GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU..........russell cals for MY BELOVED REGINA

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