Thursday, March 20, 2008


Piece by piece he faded away
ALS had brought decay
Muscles, nerves all started to fail
He was locked inside his human shell
His brain was sharp, his eyes were bright
His spirit was his guiding light

My undying love only grew for him
My heart ached as he grew weak
Silent tears would roll down his cheek
He fought as long as any man

ALS came out of the blue
And grabbed the strongest man I knew
He did his best, his heart was pure
Our only hope was to find a cure

A lot of people just didn't seem to care
But then again they have never been there
And until you see a loved one shrink away
You don't realize the price they pay

Mervin lost his battle with ALS March 2007 but I will continue the fight


This poem was part of a poem Dianne Findly wrote for her husband and I changed some of it and put it in the past tense to use as a Memorial for Cale

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