Friday, March 21, 2008

Some kind of doctors?

First it was Dr. "Death" Kervokian to raise the image of ALS, now we have another doctor who seems to have the same outlook for sick people. I speak of the infamous Senator Tom Coburn, Republican, Oklahoma who has single handedly put a hold on the ALS Registry legislation in the Senate. He has done this in spite of 73 of his colleagues from both parties having co-sponsored the registry legislation.

In case any of you are traveling to Washington, DC, for Advocacy Day I thought I would post Senator Dr. "Double Death" Coburn's photo just in case you see him around. In fact I would mention our high regard for this guy who is vying to be vice president to McCain's presidency, and ask your own Senators to go around, go over or buy this dude and get the registry bill approved.

Wouldn't it be an idea to consider to post his photo on all our power chairs as we ride around Capitol Hill? The black border and caption seems to reflect his impact on all of us with ALS.

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