Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ken Patterson Is Rolling!

Orlando Sentinel Front Page Feature

I highly recommend all adding encouraging comments to Ken on the Orlando Sentinel story.

When I watched the national evening news last night, I thought that it would be totally cool and appropriate for ABC News to honor Ken as Person of the Week when he rolls into DC. CBS News does a similar concept story weekly called "Assignment America."

Here's the link to contact ABC News --
Contact ABC News
Select "Contact World News with Charles Gibson" to submit a suggestion to honor Ken as Person of the Week.

Here's the link for CBS News Assignment America --
Contact CBS News Assignment America There is a link there to Submit Your Story to nominate Ken.

This is the perfect opportunity to honor one of our heroes whose whole purpose in this ambitious trip is to raise awareness about ALS. He knows the value of some news coverage, so let's try to help him get some national press! In order to get their attention, I think we need to make the messages short and simple... just enough to tweak their journalistic juices to follow Ken's journey.

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